Panormo 1843


Scale-length 63,5 - 17 frets - table of spruce - back and ribs of rosewood or flamed maple - machine-head - french polish.

With its warm basses and sweet colours Panormo is closer to the Torres-guitar than any other instruments of this period. The comfortable neck  makes it a fine "beginners-model" for romantic guitar-repertoire.



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Louis Panormo was born the son of the violinmaker Vicenzo Panormo in Paris. Together with his brothers Joseph and George he established around 1815 in London where he was working with other members of the family in various constellations for the next 4 decades. Shape and construction of his guitars differ significantly from the instruments of his colleagues in Vienna, Paris or Naples. According to his label „Louis Panormo the only maker of guitars in the spanish style“ he is more in the tradition of iberian guitarmaking. Based on the number of remaining instruments the Panormo-workshop must have been the most productive of its time.

Option Rodgers-Mechanik mit reverse gearing
Option Perlmuttrauten
Standardversion zweiteiliger Boden